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Foto: IPF Dresden / Jörg Simanowski

Jens Gaitzsch

Currently senior scientist at the Leibniz Institute for Polymer Research (IPF in Dresden) and guest professor for polymer chemistry at B-TU Cottbus-Senftenberg. His current research interests are mainly in functional polyesters from radical ring opening polymerisation and functional hydrogels. However, some self-assembly continues to appear along the way. Jens is very active in science communications and appears on stage at Science Slams. Download CV. h-index: 20, i-10 index: 29.

Chen Jiao

Chen is a PhD student with his own fellowship from the China Scholarship Council (CSC). His research is on responsive hydrogels and associated to the research training group “Hydrogel-Based Microsystems”.

Andrea Koball

Andrea is a PhD student within the research training group “Hydrogel-Based Microsystems” with the TU Dresden and working on hydrogels as a basis for microreactors in microfluidics. She is mainly supervised by Dr. Dietmar Appelhans.

Nikolai Liubimtsev

Nikolai is a PhD student within the research training group “Hydrogel-Based Microsystems” with the TU Dresden and working on hydrogels as sensor materials for microfluidic applications.

Yiyi Deng

Yiyi is a PhD student with her own fellowship from the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC). Her research is focussed on the synthesis of mulit-responsive biodegradable polyesters from RROP.

Fabian Mehner

Fabian is a PhD student with a fellowship from the Evonik Foundation with a research focus on tuning RROP with new polymerisation methods. He is working in collaboration with the group of Prof. Nico Bruns from the University of Darmstadt.

Till Meißner

Till is a prospective PhD student who will work on more stable polyesters utilizing RROP. His project is funded by the DFG and is in collaboration with Prof. Sebastian Seiffert from the University of Mainz as well as Prof. Barner-Kowollik from the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

Joanna Magon

Joanna is a Master student working on the mechanistic insights into RROP to get polymers with tunable properties. Her work is related to the PhD thesis of Fabian Mehner.

Doreen Hofmann

Doreen is a student coworker currently working on responsive hydrogels on surfaces together with the group of Dr. Günter Auernhammer here at IPF.


Anais Frezel (Uni Strasbourg), Zlata Zagradska-Paramova (TU Dresden), Tom Kösterke (IPF Dresden), Li Chen (TU Dresden), Julian Heinrich (TU Dresden), Jenny Folini (Roche), Sven Freimann (Uni Basel), Wigdan Murad (Uni Basel), Pascale Welsch (Novartis).

All current students are under the academic supervision of Prof. Dr. Brigitte Voit.
Email adresses: lastname(at)ipfdd.de or lastname-firstname(at)ipfdd.de.

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