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Plastic Stroll

The snow has vanished from roads and grass
Leaving piles of garbage disturbing the sight,
It’s no longer nice and not quite alright
Nature is crying up from the pass,
Plastic waste is the wrong kind of white.
Plastic bags where the wrong adventure,
What happened to canvas bags in our culture?
Bottles of glass also suffered this fate
Using PET and PE seemed easy and great,
People got frantic, just so enthusiastic
Everything is now solved with plastic!
Are there flowers missing here and there?
Take some from plastic – simply don't care!
Now listen to me and open your eyes,
Pollution from plastic is still on the rise!
What once seemed so easy, now poses a threat,
A modern-day challenge that needs to be met,
Yes, plastic is cheap, lightweight and tough,
but I'm telling you now: Enough is enough!
It’s now just everywhere we look:
Container to gels, soaps for a bath,
even to soft drinks, which you just took.
Central to phones which we all have,
Cable, keyboard, a cup and its lid,
Wrapped the banana, “preserving” the taste -
and all of that just turns into waste.
Now look at that and see what we did,
this mountain of waste was part of the bid.
But plastic mountains, vast and bright,
are also in sunset not a nice sight.
The bags you just used to carry your goods,
Now made their way to the oceans,
poor little birds then mistake it for food,
and die from it, it is their death potion!
Plastic waste of 8 million metric tons,
reaches the oceans every 12 months,
That is a truck load every minute.
Now join me in the fight to change it!

Plastic Bells

It looks white like snow
Doesn’t want to go away
Plastic pollution grows
Gets larger day by day
Now chemists heard the ring
And take on the fight
With radical ring-opening
The future is looking bright
(Chorus) Degradable, degradable
The plastic goes away
Nature is now clean again
And we all sing hurray - hey
Degradable, degradable
The plastic goes away
Nature is now clean again
And we all sing hurray
Of course, we are not there yet
Need other measures, too
Show nature more respect
Keep lakes clean and blue
Pollution is not cool
It puts us out of touch
But Switzerland is beautiful
And should stay as such
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